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Ramadan - Wikiwand The Iftar is the first meal after sunset of Ramadan (fasting month). During the day but Muslims who had refused food and drink, eat much if fasting is Tokere, drink, talk. Kataifu there is a food and sweets to eat well at this time is that the confectionery fried wrapped such as nuts and cheese in half-moon-shaped fabric, such as a round hot cake. Also wrap the cheese with a thin noodles like fabric in the confectionery that kanafeh, neither the midst of the Ramadan to eat plenty of over the sweet syrup, embargoed until the sugar which is not essential to the food and confectionery products of Iftar was a Qatar. Suddenly in Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries as well, in the headquarters, such as from Speaking of Qatar is to have been severed diplomatic relations as such [is supporting terrorism] satellite broadcasting Al Jazeera Egypt, but 0 years soccer World Cup host nation. There is also the US Central Command of counterterrorism operations base to be stationed in the Middle East.