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Ramadan - Wikiwand The most blessed month known as Ramadan in Islam, all Muslims around the world regardless of their ethnic, economic background, and fasting from sunshine to sunset. In Why the month of Ramadan has been blessed? What are the spiritual benefits of fasting? In this article to introduce the spirit travel between one month experienced by millions of Muslims around the world, for that question, also it will introduce more than that. In the Qur'an, it was written this way. "Month of Ramadan what is, as the guidance of mankind, also is a guidance and month in which the Qur'an was sent down as a clear proof of (right and wrong) of identification. So among you, this month (in the house) are those who, this during the month, it must be fasting. those who are sick, or who has the journey, the day after, the same number of days (for fasting). Allah asked the Yasuki to you, ask for difficult no. This is to fulfill the period during which ye stipulated, for guidance, in order to praise Allah, perhaps ye will be grateful.