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Ramadan (fasting) is or penance? The month of Ramadan (fasting month).

Ramadan - Wikiwand Here even I have contributed many times, in countries where the state religion of Islam, at once [Ramadan month] in the year, will be made [fasting]. I [Ramadan = fasting] and is mistaken easy, but things should be regarded as the name of the month of [Ramadan = month (Islamic calendar)]. Every month of Ramadan, Muslims do the fasting. Much that [Islam = fasting], but is the event that indispensable to Islam of the image, hence the many people of Japanese is often misunderstood. Image of [fasting = a penance as the first one first. Especially in thin Japanese religious sense, it is But is Islam itself seen as [rigorous and severe religion] a place called, Suwa [or fasting is also not one of penance? People who might be] are also many. I want to clearly here, but the answer for this is [no].